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About This Project

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The Oakland Daily is a fictional newspaper that I have created in order to tell a story. Well two stories, actually. Both stories take us down a path of predictions, but one ends well, and one doesn’t.

Both stories look at the future of the economy of Oakland, California, based on two trends that I have identified as being key drivers in the Oakland economy over the next few years. The following newspaper articles are based on real research but are fictional, their purpose is to paint a “what if” picture of the future. To learn more about this project and about me, please visit the “About” page.

For now, I will turn it over to the award-winning editorial team of The Oakland Daily:

With the incredible change in the Oakland economy over the last few years, we at The Oakland Daily thought it appropriate to take a look back. Just like you, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the unbelievable events that have occurred in Oakland since 2011, and so we have compiled a group of our articles into this special report. Join us in going back in time as we examine the chronological order of events that led us to the Oakland that we have today.




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The 2.Oakland prediction follows the evolution of Oakland from fostering small tech startups to emerging as the country’s leader in technological innovation.

Spiraling Into Darkness

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Kent Porter/The Press Democrat, via Associated Press

The Spiraling into Darkness prediction follows the evolution of Oakland as the nation’s ground zero for the Occupy Movement, into the breeding ground for one of the largest and most successful Black Bloc anarchist movements in the country.